The Great Migration: XP to OS X

After 15 years of solid MS/PC use (with occasional Linux flirtation), I decided I wanted my computer to be an appliance, not a science project. This is my log of the difficulties I encounter. I like my MacBook, I do. But there will be no gushing here.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dashboard: That Thing I Set to Pop-up Accidentally When I Mouseover the Top-Right Corner

I'll admit it, I do use a few Dashboard widgets (hey, new user, if you don't know what Dashboard is press F12 now.):

iCal Events
AirPort Radar
Album Art Widget
Moon Phase Widget

As well as a few more prepackaged ones:


But, as MacWorld notes, Dashboard can be something of a resource hog, and like any other resource hog, you want to be able to turn it off when encoding video, playing graphics intensive games or using Photoshop. Luckily, besides the method MacWorld details above, there's also a widget for it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Stop Dashboard Widget. The irony is readily apparent here, but go ahead stop Dashboard, and then try playing Civilization IV on your MacBook. I think you'll agree that it's less insanely slow than ever!

Tell me about widgets you find actually useful in the comments.


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